Sydney Bridge Climb according to Aisling

This next contribution is by guest correspondent Aisling. If you want to see her extraordinary lotus position walk from last year in Fuerteventura, simply click below…

Ok.. so emm.. yeh.. Heya =] lol

I dno why I have to do this considering it’s my dad’s blog. Lol

We did loads today though… My mam, sister and I got up early to go shopping to get me new shoes cos all I had was dolly shoes and heels which aren’t very suitable for the bridge climb I was gonna be doing a few hours later.. But of course when you actually want to go shopping and aren’t being told “well come back some other time” all the shops disappear. Lol.. I think we took a wrong turn or something cause it took us ages to find a shop… but when we eventually did (yeah… we only went into one shop) i got Blue keds which i actually like =]. I didn’t really get a proper chance to look around the shop cause my mam was worried we wouldn’t get back on time for the climb. So she bought them for me and we went back to the hotel got my dad and got a taxi to the bridge climb place.

Aisidebooboo, PdeB & TheBla about to ascend the Sydney Coathanger

Aisidebooboo, PdeB & TheBla about to ascend the Sydney Coathanger

We all had to introduce ourselves and such and then we got into out uber sexy outfits for the climb lol. We weren’t allowed have anything loose on us and were sent through metal detectors and met up with our instructor guy Vic. He was a ledge. And liked my shoes 😛 they matched the streaks on our outfits. Lol. And he complimented my and Blá’s sunnies (which were attached to our outfits along with loadsa stuff that Vic helped us put on lol).

I was expecting to be really nervous beforehand but i actually wasn’t. We started off on the lower part of the bridge (which was still very high lol) where we could wave at people haha.. Oh and there were literally thousands of stairs involved in this. The part where my dad and I got a little nervous was at a part of the bridge that people don’t normally go on but we had to because part of the bridge was being repainted but we were literally being held up by a few wires… it was all shaky and very see through.. we could see what would happen if we fell. Yeah so we were on that for like five minutes and then we went up loadsa ladders and came up between lanes 6 and 7 on the Sydney Harbour Bridge..!! that was mad.. Blá was scared at that point though… me and my dad were joking around saying it was like Fairview bridge where I hung around when I was young waiting for a double decker bus to go by and shake the old rusty bridge lol.. I suppose it was kinda like that only ten million times higher lol.

All along the way Vic was telling us loadsa stories like how they found a trolley of empty beer cans at the top of the bridge haha.. Or all the famous people that have done the bridge climb.. or the 100 years young lady who had done the climb and when she finished announced that now all she needed was a toy boy lol.. Bacially it was all just amazing.. and my dad was happy to hear he had burned 2 pints of beer during that walk lol.

Some cross dressing fools who thought this would be funny.

Some cross dressing fools who thought this would be funny.

Then we went and grabbed a taxi and met up with my mam at Star City, got a quick dinner and went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Best show of all time. It was just. Woow. Except there was this woman in front of us whose son was sitting upfront with his friends and whenever any actor came near them she shouted “watch out James..!” and of course at the interval went over and fixed his shirt. That added amusement for us but poor james..! lol .. I had my lil stupid moment at it too where i turned and was about to say to her “wouldn’t you hate to go see this with your parents..?” baha. Also. All gay guys are hot. End of Lol..

My dad pointed out that the bands lead guitarist looked like Blaithín’s boyfriend so I think we should all encourage him to wear spandex and a corset with loadsa straps too yeh..? After that we went to play pool and my waving at randomers backfired when they went up to their room and changed (into the same shirts :P) and came into the bar we were in. Lol but we weren’t with them for long cause my mam thought they were gamblers.. lol


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