Day 14 – Yet another shopping day – Sunday 29th June

We had been told that the best market in Sydney was the Paddy Markets, which run from Thursday to Sunday in Market City. Knowing this was the last chance we would have to get there (it being Sunday and we are leaving on Thursday) the girls and I head off at about 11am, arranging to meet Pádraig for lunch at 1.30pm. I reckoned 2 and a half hours would be plenty of time – WRONG!. The market is an eclectic mix of clothes, electrical goods, food, souvenirs etc. Some stalls have set prices and will not budge on that others will haggle on price. Aisling got the best bargain of the day – hair extensions that match her hair exactly (very difficult with our hair colouring). The price started at $50AUS, she got them for $20.

We meet Pádraig in Chinatown at 1.30pm and although there are Chinese restaurants everywhere, we head to McDonalds for a quick bite because we know there is still more shopping to be done at the markets.  We have only made our way through a couple of aisles in the first 2.5 hours and it closes at 6pm so we go back at about 3pm stroll around for another hour before we decide to take some time to look at the factory outlets upstairs in Market City. We give up on that after about 30 minutes and head back down to get some last minute bargains in the market.  We are still buying stuff while the stallholders are packing up.


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