Day 15 – IMAX & aquarium – Monday 30th June

Íde writing here…

Sydney aquarium

Sydney aquarium

I’ve been eyeing the aquarium since we arrived. I think aquariums can be a bit ‘hit and miss’ depending on whether the concentration is on the business element or the educations end of the spectrum. This looked to me like it would be educational and so I tagged it as one of the things I wanted to see.

On the way to the Aquarium we stop off to have a look at the IMAX Cinema. Boasting the world’s largest cinema screen, up to eight storeys high, it is ten times larger than a traditional cinema screen. It was showing a number of 3D movies. Wildlife Africa 3D was the next movie on, so we decided to go see that, just to see the screen. The screen is impressive, but the film isn’t up to much.

Onwards to the Aquarium. It is very well laid out and gives a great opportunity for the non-swimmer in the group (i.e. ME!) to see sharks, sting-ray and the coral reef up close without having to get wet.

After the Aquarium we start looking around for somewhere to eat. I remember a Greek restaurant we passed on our first day in Sydney, but none of us remember where it was. While we are strolling back towards the hotel, we find the Greek restaurant called Medusa. The food was delicious and this was probably the best meal we had in Sydney.


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