Day 17 – Finally the fat lady sings – 2 July

Íde writing … 

de Burca girls at the Opera House

de Burca girls at the Opera House

We have seen Sydney Opera House from the water.  We hoped to be able to see the inside for a performance. I had tried to get tickets for “My Fair Lady” playing at the Opera House, but it is completely booked out until August.   So we get a taxi to the Opera House and book a one hour tour.  It gives a good insight into the history and the politics of the building, but I have to admit that while the outside of the building is spectacular I am very unimpressed with the inside.  Even the main Opera theatre, which is being set-up for ‘My Fair Lady’ is quite small and has none of the architectural features to compare with theatres in Dublin or around Europe that I have been too.




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