New trip – 2013 – West Coast US Road Trip

So here we are 5 years later and all has changed, utterly changed – a “terrible” road trip is born. This time only two de Burca’s – Íde & Pádraig – will travel. 

(Pádraig writing)

I’ve had it in my head for a long time now to do a road trip on the Pacific coastal area of the US. This should include the natural wonders to be found in Arizona, Utah & Nevada as well as the classic San Fran to LA Pacific coast highway drive and the wonders of Sin City, Las Vegas. And so my fledgling idea of a four state road trip was handed over to my travel planning genius of a wife and all the arrangements started to fall into place, like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle.

My hitlist of places I wanted to cover went as follows: San Francisco (possibly including California wine country – think of the movie “Sideways“), Hearst Castle (again a movie reference – the classic “Citizen Kane“), Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Death Valley. Most of the additions to the trip are either Íde’s idea or emerged during the planning.

Íde at the Grand Canyon

Íde at the Grand Canyon

Over the next few postings, I want to let the world know how we did on this month-long trip. I hope you, the  reader, will find it interesting & informative. Íde will do most of the writing. Photos are provided by both of us – mostly on our trusty HTC Android phones – in particular the “Panorama” feature that we both like so much.

Bláithín & Aisling are not with us on this trip – they are both working full-time, Buíochas le Dia. I hope they will join us on some future travel adventure. In the meantime we are thinking of them every day. Póg!

2 thoughts on “New trip – 2013 – West Coast US Road Trip

  1. I’m so excited to see and hear all about your trip! You certainly have a great list of “must-see” spots. A our of the east coast sounds truly incredible, especially for a whole month!

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