Day 3 – Needles to Grand Canyon

Having researched and sought advice on our route, I eventually decided on taking the more scenic route and continue with more of Route 66. Again, we had the option of veering off the slower route of Route 66 and going back on the highway and today we used a good bit of that option.

Note: If you like the look of a small picture, click on it for the big version.

Oatman was our first stop across the border in Arizona and is a must-see along this part of Route 66. In some ways it is corny old west style, but it is great to see and we enjoyed walking through the town among the burros (that’s donkeys to you and me). The wild west show put on by the locals really wasn’t up to much, but we didn’t mind. It was a nice break from the drive. We headed on from there, with some more stops on Route 66.


The other interesting stop along the route is at the Road Kill Café in Seligman, with a sign stating “You kill it- We grill it”. We lunched there – food was fine…, it wasn’t Roadkill, just a platter of steak, sweet potato fries and onion rings. Seligman is the birthplace of Route 66. They have a mockup of an old wild west town which includes a jailhouse.

Grand Canyon at sunset

We arrive in the Grand Canyon just in time to drop our bags and make the drive to Mather Point for Sunset.  Although we found it spectacular, Mather Point is not on the list of top vantage points for sunset. We took some photographs before heading back towards the hotel. The main thing to realise is that people are right when the say that pictures just don’t do it justice. You have to see this for yourself.  It is amazing!

Íde at the Grand Canyon

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