Page and the Rose Walk Inn

Day 6 – 21 June 2013

After the Valley of the Gods, Monument Valley & the Navajo Monument sandy road, we eventually make it to the B&B in Page, Arizona.

Íde at the Glen Canyon Dam

Íde at the Glen Canyon Dam

Page is a really new small town,  built in the late 1950s, specifically for the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam which blocked the Colorado River to flood Glen Canyon to form Lake Powell. The dam provides hydro-electric power, but apparently the nearby Navajo coal burning plant completely outstrips its power production – and they are providing scrubbers to drastically reduce the CO2 production. The controversial flooding of the canyon now provides a massive reservoir which helps regulate water usage for the south west US. It is the second largest artificial lake in the US and is a fabulous recreation area. (Pádraig got a little confused about all the NRA signs – they stood for “National Recreational Area” rather than the “National Rifle Association” he had in mind.)

The Rose Walk Inn is near the centre of Page in a residential area. We had a lovely, comfortable room, overhead fan, fridge and wi-fi. The shared bathroom was grand. I know some people wouldn’t like it, but we were perfectly fine.

Jim and Verda Geiger’s home is a lovely place to spend a couple of nights. I stress home, because that is what it is: Jim and Verda live in the property and rent out 2 rooms. That is usually what B&B’s do. If you don’t want full interaction with your hosts, go to a hotel/motel whatever. As you can see from our trip, we have a mix of all types of accommodation. Sometimes we prefer not to interact, give us a key, let us drop it in a box when we’re done. But sometimes it is nice to sit, relax and chat with locals about the world. The latter is definitely something you can do at the Rose Walk.

They have some strong views on political etc. issues. We reckon we would agree with them on very little of these (e.g. healthcare in the US v Europe), however it sparked some lovely general conversations and we enjoyed talking with both of them. We’re on holiday and so therefore we didn’t get into any heavy political or religious debate. However, I suspect that if I did, it would be just that: a debate – where each could and would respect the other person’s point of view, even if you don’t agree. So for instance, when Jim told me of his stance on gun control (something that we would definitely disagree on) I told him that I have a phobia about guns. I won’t go into details here, but personal friends will know what I mean. Jim dropped the subject immediately and that was that. Religion wise we had a discussion of his views. We didn’t really express any views about ours, but we had a chat about respecting one another’s belief. Pádraig mentioned the “Polygamy Porter” from Mexican Hat, and Jim, a Mormon, took it with gracious good humour.

Respect is what counts! If you want someone to always agree with and not at least quietly question your own beliefs, you’re probably better off not travelling 6,000 odd miles.

It was a lovely visit. We were very tired after all the recent travelling and we had a relaxing lie in on both mornings we spent here. J&V understood & accommodated us with grace.

Page sunset, July 2013

Page sunset, July 2013

Sunset story: We saw sunset at Potato Hill (we’re Irish – we just had to go there) overlooking Lake Powell. It was lovely – but as we discovered the next day, it did not do Lake Powell any justice.

Jim helped us to book dinner on the first evening. It was in Bonkers Restaurant. The food was good, but nothing special. He also helped book tomorrow’s boat tour and Sunday’s Canyon Tour. I know!! More canyons to come.

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