Page & Lake Powell

Day 7 – 22 June 2013

Next morning we had Verda’s breakfast pancakes. Scrumptious! I thought I would only have one or two, but I think I had five. She serves them with a caramel syrup. I don’t like maple syrup and was afraid it was going to be similar. It isn’t! it is just……….. oh look, you just have to go there to get them.

Verda’s Buttermilk Pancakes and Nauvoo Syrup

They gave us a copy of the recipe, but I doubt I could ever make them as well as Verda did. They want to put the recipe on their website it a number of different languages……… so we translated the recipe into Irish for them – Pancóga Bláthaí Verda (an Bhean an Tí) agus Síoróip Nauvoo.

As mentioned, Jim had booked today’s boat trip on Lake Powell and tomorrow’s “Photography Tour of 2 Canyons”. The boat trip is a great way to learn the history and controversy of the lake and to see some of the canyons up close.

Although we spent 2 hours on the boat, we really only scratched the surface of Lake Powell. Most of it is in Utah and we didn’t even get into that state at all. (Buíochas!! Or we’d have spent all our time changing our watches due to the silly time zone difference.) Thanks to all the fjord-like valleys and inlets, the coastline of the lake (c.1,900 miles) is similar in length to the coastline of the entire eastern coast of the US.

We used our annual pass to the National Parks again to gain access to Page/Wahweap Marina. We bought this pass at the Grand Canyon for $80 for the car (so both of us) and we’ve used it for three days at the Grand Canyon and now here. We expect we will get lots more use from it as we go along.

Dinner & sunset at the lake.

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