Las Vegas

Day 9–11: 24-26 June 2013

From the outside the Baymont Inn looks like an office block, which can probably explain some of our confusion in trying to find it. The hotel was fine. Check-in was easy. Because we had cancelled Zion NP we now had 2 bookings for this hotel. One for 1 night and the other for our original 2 night stay. We thought this had been sorted when we checked in. They did scan the credit card twice to cover the “additional service fee”. But, next morning we got a call at 11.30 asking why we hadn’t checked out. Íde went down to reception and sorted it. There is a warning in the Tripadvisor reviews that it is easy to hit your foot off the base of the bed. Even with the warning, we were in the room less than 5 minutes when Íde hit her foot. All that said, we had a nice stay. The beds were comfortable. The “additional service fee” is meant to cover the following;

  1. Pool – Pádraig made use of the pool once, so that was used.
  2. Car Park, wifi and shuttle. – These are included in the room price elsewhere.

In fairness, we knew about the fee before hand, but it is hidden in the small print. Even with the fee included it offered good value. The outside noise was bad because there seems to be an ambulance station across the road so there are sirens going every 10 minutes or so.

Pádraig at the Las Vegas Strip

Pádraig at the Las Vegas Strip

LV 1st night– just relax. Not feeling well so we stay local. We had a first look at a Casino across the road from the hotel. We didn’t bet, just had a pint and then went back to bed for some much needed sleep.

LV day 2

We had a lie-in before going for brunch in the nearby Firefly restaurant. This is a recently moved but lovely bar / restaurant. It has great tapas.

The heat is stifling. It is over 100F  (the USA is not metric). Everyone is talking about the heatwave to come in the next few days. They tell us that we are lucky we are moving from Las Vegas………until they hear we are heading to Death Valley!! Then they just wish us luck, and ALL advise us to make sure we have plenty of water. We have got used to bringing water with us in the car and storing it in the fridge overnight. Most of the motels we stayed in had a fridge. The Baymont was the exception. Pádraig casually asked if they had a spare fridge. “Yes, I think we have one for you. I’ll have someone bring it to your room”. 20 minutes later, it arrived. Much appreciated!!

We ordered the shuttle to bring us to the Strip at 7.00pm. When we go to reception at  5 minutes early, the shuttle is just leaving but we are told it is full and that we would have to wait 30 minutes for the next one. This was annoying because we were the ones who ordered it. We walked to the Strip instead, which took about 30 minutes. We arrived in time for the 8pm show at the Bellagio fountains – lovely show.

Everything is so big and in your face. High temperatures and crowds makes walking outdoors very difficult. We ate a so-so dinner in the Hard Rock in Caesar’s Palace’s beautiful shopping area.

Nightlife (not talking about strip clubs here) seems mostly limited to the Strip – ordinary bars close at 11ish.

LV day 3

We had enjoyed Firefly so much the previous day, that we decided to go back there again. This is something we rarely do, because we like to try a few different places, so the fact that we went there twice in 3 days is a sign of how highly we rate it.

After Pádraig’s swim, we had dinner in Roy’s Hawaiian Restaurant just across the road: beautiful food, great service, no complaints. Fully deserves top rating.

We wanted to see a show in Vegas. Pádraig suggested the Fantasy show in the Luxor (booked online) – it was good fun. The comedian was very, very funny (especially thanks to a visiting family from New York whose daughter was celebrating her 21st – they were great sports). The singer was great. The (topless) dancing (which was meant to be the main focus of the show) was only alright. Verdict: pretty good show, but not worth money. The Luxor is a huge complex, but the Fantasy auditorium isn’t much bigger than the Axis, Ballymun.

Íde found LV to be too big, too crass, too “in your face” – 2.5 days there was enough for her. Pádraig could have done with another few days in a cooler (sub 100F) environment. Neither are gamblers … at all … much to Aisling’s disappointment.

Tomorrow brings more travelling into the American desert – in the middle of a heatwave.

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