Slán Red Tail, Hi Yosemite

Day 17: 2 July 2013

Dragging ourselves away from Red Tail Ranch we take the 43 mile drive that Kevin has recommended into Yosemite Valley. Our National Parks pass got some use yet again – will this be the last time out for our trusty pass, we wonder. We saw the Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite Falls, Half Dome, El Capitan and Tunnel View on the way. We picnicked and got some mobile phone reception for the first time in quite a while. (Thanks a lot, AT&T.)

Yosemite is truly beautiful – but it was packed with those horrible tourist creatures – people like us.

Red Tail beerWe then drove another very scenic 43 miles to Mariposa (not Mariposa Grove – we nearly mixed that up) and stayed in the Miners Inn Motel.  The room was fine for our needs and the facilities were good.  We had a great dinner in Savoury’s Restaurant including a Red Tail beer, just to remind us of our last accommodation.  Mariposa is a lovely village and we decide that we will have a walk around the shops in the morning.

Next morning it is time to fill the car with gas / petrol and give Suaimhneas the clean that she needs and deserves.  She has been through the mill, dirt roads, sand roads and the Monument Valley red dust was layered on the boot door.  We strolled through Mariposa’s quaint little shops and lovely antique stores.  We regretted that we hadn’t another day to give the area.

But we have to get to San Francisco.  And bid a fond farewell to trusty Suaimhneas.

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